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Portfolio Charis Psachos

Portfolio Charis Psachos

Charis Psachos
Charis Psachos
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natureza síntese

natureza síntese

natureza síntese

natureza síntese

sentado homem

dois Figuras




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Os Pássaros

os cavalos

Estranho . . .

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o filha

Pensamentos . . .

sentado homem


o luta

Última Ceia

o grito


  - Charis Psachos is a painter living and working in Athens, Greece. Considering himself as a Self-taught painter even if he has studied in a lot of different art seminars and departments of known art schools. Having studied Mathematics, his passion is the conceptual abstract diving beyond forms, to the edges of calligraphy and pictograms. His spontan...
[Biography - Charis Psachos - 1Ko - 2020]

  - Honorable mention (Internet competition) for painting bath. Year 2016 Honorable distinction among 1072 artists competing for the Circle Foundation Artist of the Year 2017. Finalist in ABSOLUT CREATIVE COMPETITION 2019 Greece.
[Announcement - Charis Psachos - 1Ko - 2020]

Livro de Visitas de Charis Psachos

Excellence at its best
Excellence at its best. Congrats to you on this piece.
(Tim, 17 February 2016)
Excellent work. I like what you have done with it.
(Nate P, 17 January 2016)
The Cry
This reminds me of a good horror movie. Epic move here to make this.
(Jeff, 17 January 2016)
Cheery and Bright
This piece is bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing it.
(Karson, 30 December 2015)
Cool tree
This is a very cool tree piece. Love the colors and how it all blends together.
(Heidi, 15 November 2015)
What a captivating piece!
What a captivating piece. I just love this.
(Will, 15 October 2015)
I liked this piece very much. You did a great job on it and should really be proud.
(Mitchell B, 14 October 2015)
Emotional painting
Can you please tell me what an emotional painting is? What were you feeling when you made this one?
(Wendall, 13 October 2015)