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My art styles

In creating my art, I have no preferences to any of art styles,because they are just means to make my art alive. Yefim Shestik
agosto 18 2006



In creating my art I have no preferences to any of art styles ,because they are just means to make my art ideas alive

Like you have notice I work in many styles and techcniqe .

 Some times I create my art works one art style some times I chose another stile.

Some times are same idea I create in my art works in two styles and they looks very interesting in both stiles, for example birds 3 birds 4.

Glancing my art works You can see abstract, realistic, surrealistic and symbolic art.

 Photos of one my grate symbolic art work ''Chess against are WARS” you can see In my Gallery , which I made from different materials : ceramics, nylon,and canvas .

These art work created in different art techniques and mediums ,I have drew on nylon floor (49 squire meters)fals tree angle perspective (black and white ) which ends in opposite black Wall in the begining of ,black silhouette foots .Silhouette cares the had wounded chess soldier, expressing the pity .On the left corner two chess armies, ( ceramics made in black color about 50 cm tall )standing in black area facing each other , are ready to start the War .

 In the right corner I disposed smashed chess peaces to express the result of War..,I have to admit that my most art works are bronze sculptures which I made them by my hands personally.Bronze is my most loved material.

 Yours Yefim Shestik


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