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Obra De Arte >> Yosef Reznikov >> Meditação Composição 4

Obra De Arte >> Yosef Reznikov >> Meditação Composição  4

"Meditação Composição 4"
Yosef Reznikov
смешанная техника . акрил . холст . масло - 200 Cm x 150 Cm
Geometric abstractionism (also geometric abstraction, cold abstraction, logical abstractionism) is a fairly broad concept that unites the types of painting that combine the use of geometric shapes and abstract composition. One of the prerequisites for the emergence of geometrically abstract painting was the increasing autonomy of art. The practices of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, who emphasized the flatness of the painting, the importance of the paint itself on the canvas, laid the foundation for the process of separating art from the subject of the image. Color, line, background and form took on their own conceptual and aesthetic meaning. The painting began to be appreciated not for “what” it portrayed, but for “how”.

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