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Portfolio Paul Andrus

Portfolio Paul Andrus

Paul Andrus
Paul Andrus
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Pista de equitação em Sedona, AZ.

Afiada Turno

Forte Branda at Night, Siena, Itália

Siena Touro

Toscano Sheep

O Badia Winery, Chianti Itália,

Veneza Gondoleiro

Veneza Alley

Africano cães de guarda

robô peixe

Mar tartaruga


meu irmão Ed

Entravar Parceiro

Na fonte

  - I am not much for tooting my own horn and that is probably a bad thing for an artist. I am more concerned with making art than talking about myself as an artist. But, people tell me that I need to do this, so I will tell you what I have been doing re...
[Biography - Paul Andrus - 2Ko - 2009]

  - Originally from New York , Paul Andrus, now a resident of Arizona has studied art in both the U.S. and Europe . Trained by the Navy as an illustrator, he went on to study painting in Paris , Copenhagen , New York , and Chicago , acquiring three Maste...
[Biography - Paul Andrus - 7Ko - 2005]

Livro de Visitas de Paul Andrus

I googled my name for a lark & saw your site. I find your digital prints fascinating! I'm sure it will visit again. Paul
(Paul F. Andrus, 6 June 2013)