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Portfolio Melanie Prapopoulos

Portfolio Melanie Prapopoulos

"Melanie Ann Prapopoulos ww.melanieprapopoulos.com Info@melanieprapopoulos.com Upcoming Exhibits: Bellearte Lamia, Lamia , Greece – July 2007 Studio 95, London , England – September 2007. “Spirit. The Spirit in Art” – Ferrara , Italy , November 2007. Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence , Italy – Dec. 2007. A"

Melanie Prapopoulos
Melanie Prapopoulos
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Melanie Ann Prapopoulos





Upcoming Exhibits:

    Bellearte Lamia, Lamia, Greece – July 2007

    Studio 95, London, England – September 2007.

    “Spirit. The Spirit in Art” – Ferrara, Italy, November 2007.

    Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy – Dec. 2007.

    Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York. December 2007

    Gallery 24, New York, December 2007.

    Broadway Gallery, New York City, N.Y. December, 2007


Permanent Residence and Internet Presence:

    Art for Progress. www.artforprogress.com

    Absolute Arts. Com www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/m/mprapopoulos

    Projekt 30. www.melanieprapopoulos30art.com

    Your Art.  www.yourart.com

     Arts Cad www.artscad.com

    Chelsea Art Galleries www.chelseaartgalleries.com

    United Creators. www.unitedcreators.com

    Gallery Now. Tampa, Florida www.gallerynow.com

    E.U. Art Museum www.euartsmuseum.eu/greece

    Art Mine – www.art-mine.com  

    World Fine Art Gallery, New York, N.Y. Sept.’06 –Sept.’07


Past Solo Exhibits:

     Gallery 24, New York, April 4 – April 27, 2007

     Gallery 24, Berlin, Germany. November

     Gallery Cafe, Parika, Paros August- September 2005.

     Thyra Texnis, Psyrri, Athens October 7-21 2005


Past Group Exhibits:

     China International Gallery Exposition – May 2007.

     World Fine Art Gallery, New York, N.Y. April, 2007.

     Art- Basel. Miami, Florida. December – 2006.

     4th International Art Festival, Chania – November -2006.

     Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, June 28 – July 21, 2006.

     Works on Paper – Flux Factory – L.I.C., N.Y. – May 2006



   MimosaExtra – Spring edition 2007.

   N.Y. Arts Annual Art Web Directory/Catalog. December 2006.

   N.Y. Arts Magazine. New York.  November 2006.

   ArtisSpectrum. New York. September 2006.



        Art Mine. www.art-mine.com

        Gallery & Studio. New York, N.Y., U.S.A.

        ArtNYC. New York, N.Y.

        Gallery Guide.Com N.Y.

        Art Critique Gallery and Forums. N.Y.

        Gotham’s Gazette’s Community Gazettes.

         New York Craiglist.

         British Embassy in New York




Statement: I believe that an artist has something to say or to point out, both to the artist or the viewer – and due to my studies in the art history and literature of Latin America and the Caribbean, and my travels, my work is greatly influenced from what I have seen or read. I find that these areas offer a unique artistic language which results in a better vocabulary for expression. This coupled with ideas of dance and movement result in what I feel is an often ignored reality, one grounded in strong lines and the unexplainable – giving expression not just for the peoples of these regions, but in a universal sense. This reality enters an emotional plane presenting the viewer an opportunity to witness an often uncomplimentary expression that manages to balance itself.  I also believe in the melding and mixing of color – with color being that which will ultimately present the viewer an experience of emotional revelation.


Biography: Born in Surrey, England grew up in New Jersey, U.S.A and currently divides time between the States and Greece.


Education:  Bachelors of Arts, New York University, 1998.

               Masters of Arts, University of Indianapolis, 2002.




Authorized Dealers: Phil Prapopulos - Kaya, Hamburg, New Jersey

                                    Domenico Frames, Nea Symirni, Athens, Greece.






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