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Portfolio Luxo Fine Art

Portfolio Luxo Fine Art

Luxo Fine Art
Luxo Fine Art
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Added September 17 2012
Added September 14 2012
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Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Papoilas 4

Figurativo abstrato 'Beleza Roses 1'

a beleza interior Series— “ Amadurecido Raspberry”

A beleza interior 'verde de cal' Série

a beleza interior Series— “ Cereja Red”

A beleza dentro das séries 'Laranja Doce'

a beleza interior Series— “ Limão Yellow”

A beleza dentro de-série 'Toranja' Juicy

Paisagem pinta 'sensação de paz'

Paisagem Painting— “ Natureza Cures”

'Coração da Natureza' Paisagem Pintura-

Dafigura Painting— “ Ondas dos Relaxation”

Dafigura Painting— “ Abrace a Waves”

Pintura figurativa 'Free Again'

A beleza dentro da série 'A Apple Delicious'

A beleza dentro da série 'Citrus Tangerine'

A beleza dentro das séries 'Jardim de morango'

Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Papoilas 1

Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Poppies 2

Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Papoilas 3

Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Papoilas 5

Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Poppies 6

Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Papoilas 7

Figurativo abstrato - Beleza Papoilas 8

'Serenity at Home' Paisagem Pintura-

  - About: Luxo N. P. is a painter with a vision of Impassioned Freedomism Art. He is driven by spontaneity desire to paint life's beauty in inspire imagination. His desirable message in his artwork is to bring hope for a better tomorrow and the appreciation of simplest thing that life has given to us today. As his collection of art grows so does Luxo ...
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