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Portfolio André Kock

Portfolio André Kock

André Kock
André Kock
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Iguana Mangue

Rogers Praia Aruba

o pelican Aruba

Califórnia Farol Aruba

manhã no casita

Tamarijn ao lado da piscina Aruba

à beira-mar no palm Praia Aruba

solitário pescador barco Aruba

cunucu casa ruïne

beija-flor ( blenchi )

Primavera flores Holland

3 pequeno parots ( muito prikichi )

Cunucu aruban casa

natural ponte não mais

Charlie's Barra São nicolas aruba

porta di un bentana di ruina ( ruïnes janela )

cactos em aruba ( bushi )

divi aruba árvore ( fofoti ) vista lateral

Contralto Vista pequeno igreja capela Aruba

coruja aruba ( shoko )

symbolo di oro ( terra ) Aruba

Palm Beach em Aruba

  - With the age of 16, Andre started to paint about his home island Aruba. He took lessons from local paintors on Aruba and learned more about the destinct flora and fauna of his island. Studying geography teacher in Holland broadend his intrests in lan...
[Biography - André Kock - 2Ko - 2006]

Livro de Visitas de André Kock

Visit to Aruba...
Hey there Andre! So my friend and I are planning a trip to Aruba and we came across your artwork on one of the Aruba tourist sites... We were curious as to whether or not you would have any art on display at local galleries on the island. We are two art and fashion students from Los Angeles, CA USA and would love to see some of your work. We are.../...
(Matthew, 16 August 2008)
wonderful work
well let me say that I'm not really in that kind of art, but I can tell that ur work is amazing and brilliant. I liked "Symbolo Di oro" very much. Wish u all the luck, and keep the nice work. ;)
(Luay Dababneh, 7 April 2006)
Arubian Soul
Great website, it's very nice to see such beautiful art, Cheers and God bless !!! Greets, Jaci-Rose ;)
(Jaci-Rose Stamper, 5 April 2006)