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Portfolio James E. Dunbar

Portfolio James E. Dunbar

James E. Dunbar
James E. Dunbar
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Portland City Lights # 42

o roxo acessório dos da Itália

Outono Tuscay no chantemerle

ensolarado colinas dos Toscana da Itália

sol dos África

Flores brancas Mangolia Of Black Sky de

preto vermelho céu Tulipas

selvagem colorido Estrela em forma de Margaridas

roxo papoilas de-rosa Sky's

Papoilas vermelhas do Pink Sky de

Africano laranja agro dos Margaridas

Africano rosa Margaridas com vermelho bagas

Africano Branco Margaridas com vermelho bagas

girassol mundo

Toscana Vinho Vinha em sunset

coração de Toscano Vinho Vineards

Toscana da Itália vinho vinha

Luzes no Portland Primeiro . Johns Ponte

Portland Luzes on broadway

Portland cidade luzes

vermelho paixão Tulipas

o portland hawthore ponte na Sol

Ardência Tulipas roxas

Violetas africanas

Africano margaridas amarelas

  -   Hello, My name is James Dunbar . I am a local Portland area artist, and have been on the Portland art scene for about 3 years now. I was born in Phoenix Arizona. My mother moved us to Oregon to live on my Uncle Buddy's goat farm, located in Indepen...
[Biography - James E. Dunbar - 5Ko - 2009]

  - West African Grirl Of Promise
If you like Africa than you have to add this one to your collection! Buy your Limited edition print on canvas today!! The title of this beautiful work of art is West African Girl Of Promise this one was the first of my six series West African, Maasai...
[Page - James E. Dunbar - 2Ko - 2007]

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Endless Summer painting!
Looking at this picture I feel the summer warm, fresh and tasty air of the flower field!
(Johny, 20 August 2014)