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Fund Raiser To Fiance the publishing of A Book Of Art and Poetry Surealworld Illustrations
novembro 11 2017

I am a Christian evangelist, has always worked a regular job to pay my way through life.

I have for over thirty years have been reach out to the world with the gospel using my talents in art, poetry, and writing article on social and political issues our world is facing, addressing these issues from the teachings of the bible.
Ihave been using the internet as my tool to reach out to the world with the gospel of Christ.

So now I am 52-year-old, and my health is not good, I have decided to publish a book which is a collect of my art, poetry, article about the art, my faith testimony, and a shot biograph about me.

This book through and through is a testament of our great God's faithfilness to be with us though the good times as well as the dark times of trials and tribulation that will come to us all.

I am publishing this book because none of are promised tomorrow. I want to leave a book behind that continue to preach the lord message after I have gone home to be with God.

The reason I am looking for funding is because I never had a job that has provided more money for me then to barely meet the costs of my basic accentual needs.

This book will cost me 4000 dollars to self-publish this book.

Even though I am going into debt to publish this book, I feel God has called me to commit to this project. 

Christ Faith Publish is the company that has reviewed my manuscript, and has excepted it. This company not only produce the book in hard copy and E-book format, they have 36000 out let they will use to market this book to the public.

This book could be used by God to reach out international around the world ,reaching hearts through Christ center art and poetry.

I have already sign the contract between the author and the publisher. I have paid $505. to start the publishing of my book. I will be billed an addistional $295.for the next ten months.

The book will be finished 10 months from now.

I am ask you to consider donating to this project, prayfully share in anticipating with me , to see what great things God will do through this book.


Stephen J. Vattimo

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