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Painting from the heart and soul

To make the work come alive is the challenge. Tom Lund-Lack
dezembro 16 2015

To make the work come alive is a challenge I set myself; colour, tone and technique all play their parts in creating the illusions of movement I am seeking to find in much of my painting.  I don’t want to give the impression that this all that I do as there are other aspects to my work, as can be seen from my portfolio.  I create pieces which perhaps have a kind of dreaminess, the reason is that much of my subject matter that I use no visual references (except for those photo sources that are sometimes needed to get the horses legs right!). Nearly all of my work is drawn from memory of skies, seas and places, the imagined feel of a horse race or of yachts sailing.  Spinnakers 2 is an example of this, here I have painted the abstract shapes of sails on a painted jewel-like sea; an interpretation of reality rather than the figurative depiction of the real thing.  The same applies to all my equine work I want to capture the essence the colour, drama, power and supreme athleticism of the horses and their riders.  In my work you are getting a product of my imagination, part of me if you like and my experience, I do not copy nature but try to interpret and allow the ideas flow from the brush and be born out of the charcoal, pastel or paint. 

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