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Electronica vs Art

Phil Dynan is in the midst of a new collaborative series of paintings that focus on the use of electronic devices in an art or natural setting. The paintings are a collaboration with Anastasia Nelson and several photographers and models. Phil Dynan
agosto 1 2013

by Ana and Phil Dynan

"Electronic vs. Art" is the title of a new series of collaborative paintings with Anastasia Nelson. The series began with a visit to the Tate Modern in London and observation of over 60 students in the museum - none of who were engaged with the art - all of whom were engaged with electronic devices of one kind or another. 

 "I didn't want to disturb the students, so I staged a photo of several, using myself as the supposed target of the photo. I needn't have worried - none of the students ever looked up from their devices. They were in a world of their own, connected only to their electronic devices".

by Ana and Phil Dynan


The paintings are executed by the team of Dynan and Anastasia Nelson (UC, Davis). They have been sharing their painting duties for about 20 years and wrok seamlesly together. There is no division of labour as such. One painter may work on a piece for hours, then leave the next several hours to the other painter. They work on all aspects together and provide honest and forthright critiques when asked. Another aspect of the collaboration is that photographers and models have been included in the series. Ben Lang, a micro-bioligist from Cambridge (UK) appears in "Self Portrait" along with Picasso. Evelina Galli, originally photographed by Alice Poghosian, is pictured at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles) in "MOCA Mocha". Photographer Natalia Maks provided resource photos for several paintings, including "Camel Texting" and "Slave Labour".

by Ana and Phil Dynan



Phil Dynan

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