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An Exmination of the New Plein Air art of Phil Dynan. By Lorena Bowser

The New Plein Air: An examination of the plein air impressionist paintings by Phil Dynan Phil Dynan
julho 22 2010

Plein air painting has always been one of the most appreciated of artists’ milieus. Notwithstanding my appreciation for the importance of this tradition and the best artists in the genre, every time I see a lovely plein air painting now, I am struck by the impression that I’ve "seen it before." Mountains, valleys, and endless renditions of country scenes and ocean views leave the artist’s easel by the thousands – but all so "same." It is refreshing to finally meet an artist who knows how to render a painting with the simplicity and veracity of a child, who sees everything through the eyes of honesty and innocence. Phil Dynan does not disappoint me. His work captures the essence of nature with colors and movement reminiscent of Van Gogh. His paintings live!

The deserts are "hot" with shocking pink, chartreuse and fiery reds burning in the sun, while the earth rolls and heaves under our feet, alive and breathing. Blue-violet mountains stretch into the sky to touch clouds that curve with the Earth, making place for the rainbow. But the rainbow has touched down, forming undulating vineyards of color marching to the distant horizon with a "New Promise" – that of rich wines. A tiny mission rises from gray fields to remind us that Truth has no color. It is man who makes the colors, and Mr. Dynan is a color master. He joyously paints the Earth "a la Disney." With colors that are perhaps as symbolic as they are beautiful, he serves up a delicious nature. And that can do no less than please the child in all of us. Phil Dynan’s work has the capacity to make us happy!

Phil Dynan

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