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Plein Air Paintings in New Suite

Phil Dynan's new works (2010) include plein air abstract works done in Nevada, California, Arizona and Alberta Phil Dynan
abril 14 2010

I've been working on a new suite of paintings. Acrylic on canvas and paper, these are abstract plein air paintings, either done on the spot or constructed on the spot and finished later. I like the wide-open spaces. The Black Rock Desert is a favourite subject. In the new suite I have included bits of Arizona, California and Alberta, as well.

Pieces like "Desert Hot Spring" and "Earth's Curvature" refer directly to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. "Night Lake" and "Alberta Apple Tree" refer to Alberta and Banff, in particular. "Copper House Ranch" refers to a ranch on the road to Austin, Nevada. And Mt. Shasta (CA) is referenced in "The Source".


"The Missionary" is a particularly attractive painting. But what does it say to you? On one hand the beautiful and fertile farm fields (California) are a rainbow of colour. But fields tangent to the Mission seem grey. Why would that be? Does the artist have an opinion about "missionaries"?


You can see my new works at ArtsCad, Red Bubble, Image Kind, Artween, Blue Canvas, Red Bluff Art Gallery.com, or on my home page at phildynan.com    Red Bubble offers them for sale as prints or notecards and I would appreciate your support through a purchase. You can buy an original by contacting me - the prices range from $75 to $ 450.

Thank you!


Phil Dynan

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