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Os Obras De Arte de tópico Abstrato e contendo a palavra martijn limburg, resina acrílica sobre tela, impressionismo, abstrato

Martijn Limburg - Ramatuelle Café o L-OrmeauRamatuelle Café o L'OrmeauMartijn Limburg

Completely French… you find them less and less, this authentic rustic French Café. Fortunately, it still exists here. Newspaper croissant and delicious coffee. Hats off to the staff, who have to wear masks because of Covid. The mood is no less. Recommended for romantics and ordinary café enthusiast....

Seth Alifo - o meu homenagear o meu homenagear Seth Alifo

A sound emanating from this horn is harmonious one praising the elect like you. Because your presence and response in this life is most honoured and adored.;These remarkable deeds have transpired and inspire the artist to portray this impressionistic painting for time memorial.

Seth Alifo - eu sou digno eu sou digno Seth Alifo

Everywhere beauty is all around waking the minds of all people. This painting is a cultural heritage caring through this life the thoughts and feelings of the Africans. This impressionism style of painting so produce is an expression of vocalization of sound describing the high valued and worthiness...