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Portfolio Nikolai Kraneis

Portfolio Nikolai Kraneis

Nikolai Kraneis
Nikolai Kraneis
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Added February 3 2008
Added September 22 2007
Added September 20 2007
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fisherboats na costa do mar Báltico

navio e barco

pão com faca



krumlov czesky

barco pesqueiro na costa báltica

navio vermelho sobre o divertimento Rio

rua de trás em krumlov czesky

barcos em balchik

Cemitério dentro de em Berlim


Monte estrada

  - I was born 1967 in Sofia/Bulgaria. My mother is from Bulgaria, my father is german. I grew up in East Germany and Bulgaria. After my military service I studied veterinary science in Berlin. I'm drawing and painting since my childhood. My bulgarian gr...
[Biography - Nikolai Kraneis - 2Ko - 2007]

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Your artwork
Hello Nikolai, I LOVE your paintings! Perhaps because it is similar to mine! (see attached image.) Your colors and loose style are what I love. Keep up the good work! If I save $$, perhaps I can buy one. I don't like to display my own work at home because I'm always finding things I want to change. I'm still trying to set up my portfolio and .../...
(Judith Marie Lynn, 12 October 2007)