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Portfolio Josh Goehring

Portfolio Josh Goehring

Josh Goehring
Josh Goehring

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Fine art by Josh Goehring Oeuvres de Josh Goehring Josh Goehring Josh Goehring Josh Goehring Josh Goehring Josh Goehring Josh Goehring Josh Goehring

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  - Josh Goehring is an up-and-coming artist living and working in southwest Florida. Josh is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and was raised in the Florida Keys. Growing up in the Keys, Josh was able to observe and absorb so much of the culture that makes Florida what it is. He found his talent in art and fell in love with painting. He has spent years t...
[Biography - Josh Goehring - 2Ko - 2012]

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So nice picture, very beautiful and fish look like alive!

(Maggy, 20 November 2013)
Key West
Hey! Did you at one time live in Key West, Florida?
(KWPerson, 15 August 2008)