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Portfolio Dino Bakic

Portfolio Dino Bakic


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  - Dino Bakić was born in Split in 1973. In his native town he finished the art school of graphic design. The true admirer of the expressive colour we met through the project '' DINMäR SERBäK'', after which follow his group exhibitions and one-man shows. His paintings are personal , but in their secret spaces, which sometimes seem familiar , the unexp...
[Biography - Dino Bakic - 5Ko - 2015]

Dino Bakic

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Fine art by Dino Bakic Oeuvres de Dino Bakic Dino Bakic Dino Bakic Dino Bakic Dino Bakic Dino Bakic Dino Bakic Dino Bakic

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Obras De Arte Estilos : Expressionismo Abstrato
Obras De Arte Tópicos : Abstrato - Expressionismo
Obras De Arte Media : Abstrato
Preços : 5000 Euros Min
Obras De Arte adicionou o : Adicionado maio 21 2010 - Adicionado maio 20 2010