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Portfolio Barbara Greene Mann

Portfolio Barbara Greene Mann

Barbara Greene Mann
Barbara Greene Mann
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  - Biography for Barb Mann 2017 , Artist Descriptions and Connectivity to the World Ms. Mann reported : Switching from law to art occurred rather unexpectedly, at the Jeu de Paum in Paris, 1974, when a lighting bolt priced my heart. Standing in front of the Sunflowers by Van Gogh., I knew I had been picked by the Master. I had no choice. Ms. Mann grad...
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  - I graduated with a Masters of Fines Arts from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan in 1973. I was part of a group of new artists, the Tribes of Cass Corridor who changed the face of Detroit’s artscape. Most of the artists I knew then are still working as artists and many have passed. But we all continue to fight through our art for the freedo...
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